Pet Policy
Rule abiding pets are welcome at Hatchery Hill. Although the original builder bylaws stated for a maximum dog size of 25lbs. and no more than 2 animals per household, the owner led association, Hatchery Hill Townhome Association, chose to have no written limit on well-behaved pets in our condominiums (active as of 08/26/04).
If you are a pet owner, please carefully read over the following pet policy.

Pet Policy
  1. Owners of pets are required to conform to all City of Fitchburg ordinances pertaining to the care, control & licensing of their animals to include, but not limited to ensuring and being able to provide proof that all necessary vaccinations are up to date.

    Fitchburg Pet Licensing Registration
  2. Dogs, cats, birds and other household pets shall not be permitted to cause a nuisance or an unreasonable disturbance.  Any pet causing such nuisance or disturbance to any other occupant shall be permanently removed promptly upon the owner being given notice by the Directors. 
  3. Dogs and cats shall be carried or kept on leash at all times in the Common Areas.
  4. Pets are not to be allowed on landscaped Common Areas unless attended and on leash. 
  5. Pets are not allowed in the ponds at any time. 
  6. Pet waste must be picked up immediately in every instance.
Please have doggy waste bags handy and use the two convenient pet waste stations located outside The Landmark or the one outside the Candlewood Suites.

For additional exercise and stimulation, please research local doggy daycares, e.g. The Dog Den, Happy Dogz, or Waggin' Tails - all located in Fitchburg.  A happy dog is a good neighbor!

Anyone with specific questions should contact property management.